Will I play Modern Warfare? COD vs Battlefield Thoughts

will you be trying out the new “battlefield” game modes in the upcoming Call of Duty? What do you think of the game in general?

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  1. I personally moved on from Battlefield, is not simply the franchise I loved anymore. I found the type on game I wanted in Squad, but of course it may be a little to hardcore for some people. I just hope that everybody finds its "virtual home" in a game they truly like.

  2. I think ALOT of people are in for a HUGE disappointment when COD comes out… why do I say that? Because they’re more focused on the esports and if they try and move away from those players they’ll lose the only reason why they’ve actually survived for as long as they did…

  3. Ive not played BFV (except Combined Arms) in months due to pros and cheaters and also due that BFV (and BF1) did not feel like BF. Also much of the fun factors were removed… so pffffft. And Im still feeling ripped off.

  4. I'm in group A – Waiting for BFV to improve and playing other games in the meantime. it has so much potential to be unlocked, but DICE needs to step up and fix this. How did they fall so far from BF1?

  5. Hopefully COD delivers. IRL and waiting for a decent sequel of the CoD and BF series caused me to stop playing FPS. Then I tried BF1 and I'm hooked on BF again. Maybe I'll buy BFV.
    Bro, 50,000k SUBS SOON!

  6. All MW has to do is make a complete game. The featured elements in the snippets seem to point to a release with features, that people are expecting. The crates (introduced month later) with random rewards for progress are going to riun the experience, as supposedly it happened in WWII and before.. 🙁

  7. I'm def' going to be playing Modern Warfare, even when the Beta launches on 9/19. Been really wanting to play a newer Modern style gun play FPS shooter. But Imo after watching all the MW Gameplay it really dosen't look like an 'Sniper' friendly type of shooter. Cheerz Daz, keep up the great content my Brotherine -)!

  8. I'm enjoying BFV (despite its MANY flaws) and I probably won't move to CoD: from the gameplays I saw yeah, it's better than the previous ones, but still not the "battlefield feeling".
    Let's see how the Pacific theatre will bring.

  9. Hey Dazs, firstly love your channel and content. So for me playing on the console platform and cross play inupcoming COD is something that will create a way to keep player counts high andmake things more competitive. I think BFV is a lost diamond and what I mean is it had the potential to be a great hardcore shooter with an amazing hardcore mode (Attrition, no spotting, limited minimap and limits on guns). What it needed is with a switch for casual gamers to include everything that BF1 offered in its game, mechanics and not try to amalgamate the 2. I am not a developer so I cant speak to coding and the like, but if DICE stuck to there guns at launch and took in player feedback costructively the change the game that was being asked for was to provide an alternative to the Hardcore BFV experience by provding a casual experience. I think the game would have much better longevity and kept its player count while drawing in competitive players with its changing mechanics. One last thing I will say is BFV needs a competitive scene to stay alive and most bigger games without a E-Sports presence will suffer over time regardless of loyalty because a franchise needs new players coming in and more so coming back and BFV has not done that certainly not to the extent that BF1 did. Anyways sorry for the long post but I hope that makes sense and just to be clear I am a Battlefield veteran and have/had countless hours on Xbox and PS4 logged for BFV this is just my 2 cents on COD vs BFV as it were.

  10. …waiting.

    Will play any game that gives me that "battlefield" feeling, so yeah gonna give CoD a chance.

    Dice seems a bit complacent and (lazy?) so it's great that CoD will be giving them a run (we hope) for their money.

  11. This time the struggle between CoD and BF is real.
    This new cod (only from the gameplays on yt) reminds me a lot the old MW3 and BF3.
    It looks more battlefield than battlefield V.
    Probably I’ll return on CoD after years, waiting the new battlefield, that I left on December.

  12. I stopped playing BFV in the past few weeks just because it’s felt extremely boring to me. Hopefully COD either drives Battlefield to have that fun battlefield experience or hopefully COD does that itself

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