Why 2v2 Gunfight Alpha Was the Perfect Test | Call of Duty Modern Warfare

I discuss some of the new things that have come out of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Alpha. The Best thing in my opinion is that is stress tests the game and allows for feedback that can be implemented in into the beta, then eventually the game at Launch. Based of initial feedback that I have seen is that it feels like a good year for CoD MW, but it’s still too soon to tell. What are your…


  1. Dude that famas or whatever it is looks really nice I cannot wait low key going to miss bo4 it was my first time playing cod since AW so learning the specialist was different for me but I did enjoy the game at times

  2. I'm a siege player, and I'll be kinda honest, this game feels like playing siege with the old recoils, but for me doesn't have the same playstile, but I love this, I think I'm gonna buy this game.

  3. I have been getting bored fast playing this, because like you it's not a mode I would play regularly.
    I will say this, it is 1000x more fun playing with friends who I can actually communicate with movements and enemy locations.

  4. Didn't like the mode at first, but after getting used to the new engine, the maps, and the guns, it's actually a lot of fun! Getting kills is mega-satisfying, and so is clutching up in a 1v2 situation.. prolly wont play this mode as much when the full game launches, but it feels great, super excited for the beta in a few weeks!

  5. The thing that’s really noticeable about this mode is how even pub stomping youtubers who don’t usually post unless they have ridiculous stats are losing rounds and matches against the general public. I’m not quite sure how that is, but I think this game is going to be a camp fest.

  6. I love the game as a whole. I just don’t like how gunfight plays. If I wanted to play a MLG or UMG match I’d search for a match on their website lol.

  7. i love the docks map. its fun af! the one thing i dislike is, i dont like the fact that you dont get hit markers with the stun to know if they are stunned or if your trying to use it to locate your enemy.

  8. Honestly I was a bit worried for this game but after playing the 2v2 alpha I feel way more hopeful actually, I've been having fun and have heard and had more communication between players then I've had for awhile. So I'm excited for beta 😁

  9. The game feels different but still very old school cod. It kinda felt like coming home. The 2v2 mode is fun but gets a bit boring after a while. I know they can't show us every gun yet but I hope after launch, you get different class options. Also map vote might be interesting or atleast improve the map rotation. At the moment you get a map easily a few times in a row.

  10. Since I play on Xbox (highly favor the controller) I can’t give feed back at this moment but I’m pretty geeked for this game. I’ve been playing since World at War and looking forward to the “clunky” movement system. Of course there’s gonna be issues with a pre-beta beta, but that’s what it’s for is to iron those out. Game looks great and with feedback will only get better. Thanks for sharing.

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