The Difference Between You And Pro Fortnite Players

In this video, I talk about the difference between an average player, sweat, or bot, and a pro Fortnite player. I see a ton of comments where people ask what makes a pro Fortnite player so much better than everyone else. Often times, you may be a faster builder or better editor than some well known pro, but there has to be a reason that we’re not all professional Fortnite players. I break down the 5 main reasons and differences between your average Joe and your average pro. These are what…


  1. I can’t see how people play on a low sensitivity. I tried it for a bit and never got better, I can’t build or edit with low sense, even if I raise it, and make my ads low. It doesn’t suit me at all. Some people are bamboozled about how good my aim is sometimes, and yet, I play on a very high sensitivity.

  2. Hey Jerian I really need a mouse pad and was wondering if you still have or use your gsr I would buy it from you just on re sale it is so expensive and looks like an insane pad. Big fan of the channel and enjoy the videos!😄

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