PLAY Modern Warfare Beta EARLY NEXT WEEK! (Leaked) Download Modern Warfare Beta For Free (Open Beta)

PLAY Modern Warfare Early Beta NEXT WEEK! (Leaked) Download Modern Warfare Beta For Free (Open Beta)

Today, I have a video regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 info, or COD Modern Warfare 4, whatever you want to call it. Today, I want to discuss recent rumours/leaks regarding there being a gunfight beta/alpha for Modern Warfare next weekend and that it will be announced on Infinity Ward’s livestream from Gamescom on Monday (where they will be showing Modern Warfare Campaign gameplay…


  1. *UPDATE* Just got confirmation that there's 100% a gunfight beta from one of my sources. I don't know if those leaked dates are right, but one of my sources just confirmed that it is PS4 only. We'll find out soon. There's 5 maps for it.

  2. What’s the purpose of going in the direction of cross platform if we all not getting game play and content at the same time it’s not fair because play station players will huge advantage ……

  3. Honestly that's dumb PS4 already had a week for the beta and Xbox and PC only have 4 days. How is that fair it's always been the same amount of days for beta throughout the platforms why change it?

  4. Whaaaaaaaaat the f*ck bro. Why is it every time the same with exclusive for ps4. I'm hyped as f*ck for beta and later all goes into the trash because of exclusivity. It's not fair. The worst thing is that I wouldn't care if it comes later a few days but there is no beta for Xbox or pc. If in the future they don't change this I thing that the whole Xbox and Pc community leaves cod. It sucks

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