NEW PS5 Design & Games Leak – PS4 Game Sale – CoD 2020 Info – AC Ragnarok (Gaming Playstation News)

Today we go over a New Sony PS5 Design, Some Cheap PS4 Games in PSN Sale, Call of Duty 2020, Assassins Creed Ragnarok & More 🙂 SUBSCRIBE – – 2nd Channel



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  1. Dan, I appreciate you wouldn't pass on a spoiler ?? cuz I hate when people*especially ones that don't even like the game or book,movie etc.* ruin it for you by blurting out info as if they are god on the subject ? news is news but ruining something that people have been looking forward to or just spent their money on is garbage. Thanks for having integrity and an honest opinion about what you like and don't like. That's why I come here,trust ? keep up the great work and also thanks for encouraging people to have fun, should be the main reason we are playing games in the first often people are way to serious in/with games. It's ok to relax with one too haha

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