ITS GAME OVER STADIA | GeForce Now has every single Call of Duty Game Supported PART : 2

Simply put , its Game Over for Google Stadia , i could write best selling Novels on why Google Stadia has Failed , but if you want further more proof , then watch this livestream to see why , Nvidia Quietly Destroyed STADIA .


  1. @ MR 4K Upscaler


    1) GeForceNow's maximum resolution is 1080p with no 4k.

    2) GeForceNow's payed tier does not include any free monthly games.

    3) GeForceNow deletes AAA games regularly without explanation or notification from it's servers.

    4) Purchasing games today could be deleted and not support tomorrow on Nvidia servers leaving you paying up to full price for games you may not be able to play at some point anytime in the future.

    5) GeForceNow has timed sessions where you get logged out regardless from whichever online game or match your playing.

    6) GeForceNow has ques for everyone on the free tier up to 25 minuites before you can play any game every time you try to log on.

    7) GeForceNow is missing major developers that do not support the Nvidia platform like Rockstar, EA and Square Enix amongst others despite being in beta for 7yrs with plenty of time to prepare.

    8) New game releases on Steam do not automatically release on to GeForceNow. Each game has to be officially supported and optimized. New Steam AAA game releases can be same day or can sometimes take months or years before becoming GeForceNow supported.

    9) Not all games are gamepad ready, there are alot of games that are not gamepad optimized and only have partial gamepad support or only playable via keyboard and mouse.

  2. I've tried Geforce Now and at least for me I don't like it. Nvidia chose a very strange business model. 1. Only gaming on 1080p, not even 1440p….very odd. 2. Not all games supported, unlike Shadow every game supported. 3. Time limits. Nvidia chose a very odd business model, should of went the way of Shadow a full PC in the cloud with every game supported. It looks like their trying to be a half console/half PC experience, which is very odd. For cloud gamers the best services are still – Stadia (100 percent console experience) and Shadow (100 percent PC experience).

  3. Ok Mr 4k you gotta stop making every video about Stadia somehow. I'm going to break this down for every one. Stadia is not competing with GFN of any console. Stadia is trying to reach 7 billion people and mostly the emerging markets like India and China and guess what they don't have a large PC library. They play on phones or tablets. That's the future. G4N is for relic hunters who hold on to their prescious physical media. Give up the crusade on Stadia. It's not going anywhere.

  4. GFN is ok but stadia overall performance is better and more reliable but GFN has more games but for people to say stadia is over is just stupidity!!! Google haven't even started with stadia so from this year and all through next gen were going to get a lot of games and amazing exclusives and Google have a lot to prove.

  5. Finally playing division 2 enjoy bro when u have a chance try ghost recon breakpoint too bro is ok is fun to many bad reviews but I enjoy playing always something to do

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