How To Play 3 Card Poker In GTA 5 Online – Tutorial With A Real Dealer

Here is the three card tutorial so many of you asked for. This isn’t the big money making game so many people think it is, don’t be fooled by the payouts of 40 to 1. This tutorial explains when you should play your hand instead of fold, how each payout is paid, and gives you numerous examples of betting strategies towards to end. Hope this one helps you like the Blackjack tutorials have. I appreciate everyone supporting the channel in the way they have.


  1. Commented on your other video as well, I'm very disappointed there's no player pool in this game. At our casino we have a mandatory $1 light bet that puts you into the player pool, I can't remember all of the payouts for different hands but the smallest is a straight which would leave you $6 on the light.

  2. Question: Thoigh you said this isn’t a good money maker and you showed betting strategy, would the betting strategies of positive progression or negative, that you detailed in your blackjack betting strategy video, be a beneficial addition to?

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