How To Jitterclick Like a PRO in MINECRAFT or FORTNITE!

Jitterclicking like a PRO in ALL videogames! Wether its FORTNITE or MINECRAFT… YOU can click SUPER FAST and For Long Durations without PAIN!

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Useful Information (For Nerds)
Fov- 86
Sensitivity 70
DPI- 800
Age- 19
● NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080ti
● Intel Core i7…


  1. Hi boeh, you probably won't read this, but in the middle of this video you said you wanted to learn how to butterfly, I personally can butterflyclick, but it is indeed the mouse. I have a trust mouse, idk if they all work, but you know you can butterfly when you drop your finger on the mouse, just let it fall, if it clicks more than once, you got it. Butterfly clickers don't actually click 12 cps or something, but the mouse bounces up and down whenever they let their finger fall down. If you are really interested you could give me a call on discord, it's all on you. My username is B6A#2246

  2. please reply i have hign precision 7 buttons so can you make a vid about how to jitter in hign precision mouse 7 button with a rapid fire i dont use rapid fire cuz i dont want to cheat i want to do by my own

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