Clash of Clans Hack?|Clash of Clans "hack" base |TH11 "hack" base design

Clash of Clans Hack?|Clash of Clans “hack” base |TH11 “hack” base design wins| the clash of clans hack base is a trolling base designed to confuse your attacker, all you have to do is write hack with the walls and you can make a hack base at any th lvl proving how epic it truly is :D!
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  1. Please stop meta-tagging King24412! We all know that getting views is a great thing, but by meta-tagging you are only destroying the CoC community. Trust me, the average viewer will most likely see only the top handful of CoC Youtubers that use the same meta-tagging strategy and this is very harmful to the new-coming clash community YouTubers that will be hidden away due to these unfair tactics that you and other head clashers use to grow your channel. It is against the YouTube terms and conditions and you guys are trying everything to get around it even by using sentences to hide the meta-tags. Please think of how beneficial your change would be to the entire Clash community. I am a loyal viewer, but I do not think this is fair for everyone else. Please make the change and accumulate viewers and subscribers the legitimate way!

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