BRAND NEW *$2,750,000* SUPER CAR ADDED in GTA 5 Online TODAY!! (Livestream)

Brand New car in Gta 5 Online (Livestream!!)


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  1. Hey bro how are you doing thanks for all your awesome. Is it possible that you can make a video of how we can keep the The lifeguard beach buggy and a lifeguard vehicles especially vehicles like the undercover vehicles that raid your businesses thank you and have a great day Broontango! Ef yeah lol👍😎

  2. So yea the car duplication glitch got PATCHED*** just tried it a few times just to be sure and yup rockstar got to it after all this time… when you get to the heist board after doing the criminal starter pak workaround.. you CAN’T press the interaction menu to view apartment styles anymore. Sadly, it is officially PATCHED – it was great while it lasted….

  3. Is anyone else getting kicked out if lobbies after a string of wins with the horse racing glitch? I don't mean kicked from the casino, but sent back to story mode. They cheat me out of the money on my last win too.

  4. Hey Broon! To win the car,Make sure the wheel is on the t-shirt icon,if not' find new session until you find one where the t-shirts is at the top of the wheel. except alert to spin but dont spin. wait until your character grabs the handle,then count to 5 then spin. You will win the car every time. GuardianX_Rebel1 You welcome!

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