Battlefield 4: The E3 2013 HYPOCRITE FAN BOYZ!

COD is the same every year but BF4 is too lol 🙂

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  1. The 360 and ps3 weren't meant to be able to run the game, not even bf3 was optimized for the 360 or ps3 simply because they were not made for bf4. This is due to the hardware that both of these systems use isn't made for high graphics and cpu intensive games like bf4

  2. i'm not a bf fanboy, in fact i don't give a fuck about battlefield but in my opinion bf4 was a lot better than bf3, cmon you can bring down a skyscraper in multiplayer match and skydive out of it before it crumbles, it's just awesome while cod is actually the same shit every year, btw even if im a red orchestra/rising storm player i'm preatty sure i'm getting bf4

  3. 60 fps means the game will be smoother and also the 3D will be better on consoles, I play bf3 on ultra settings on 1 moniter and i get a solid 120fps but on 3 screens it drops to around 70-90 fps. 60 fps is a very good thing.

  4. I don't believe you seem to know why game developers use these terms "Pre-alpha is basically implementing all the systems and features in the game. Once all those systems are in the game then they move on to Alpha.Alpha is where they test the game and change what needs to be changed. This is when you will see more info coming out because they can finally confirm what has made the cut and what hasn't. "

  5. Whether it's Pre Alpha, Beta, Charlie, or Delta What You are seeing is pretty much what you are getting in the final product. I never had an issue with that as long as they fix the issues they had in bf3.

  6. 60fps is a lot smoother, I do not think that 60fps for the consoles is actually confirmed though because when ea said that at the microsoft conference they actually showed the pc version

  7. While the video at E3 was impressive I am still quite concerned about the destruction level. You are spot on about bad company two already having a huge level of destruction. Bf3 was such a step backwards. Bf4 showed off some good destruction physics but I fear it will be in small amounts like bf3. The building collapsing is definitely a timed event like the tower in the caspian border level of bf3. I

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