These are ALL of the Killstreaks that will be camping for in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (cod mw 2019) Infinity Ward has brought back some fan favorites and also some new streaks that look good! what do you think of the streaks so far? Please drop a like if you enjoy and SUBSCRIBE for more!

All Perks in Modern Warfare –

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay –
Modern Warfare Weapons Leaked -…


  1. I think this is the first MW 2019 video I've watched… I saw an AK-47 at some point and that's all I've ever wanted since MW2. They keep putting in these variations of it that just don't have that classic, powerful feel. I really hope the SFX they use for the shots have real impact and it's not muffled bs like other games have been doing. fuck… I loved in MW2 when you could use FMJ with the innate wall penetration on the AK.

  2. They should give us 4 killstreaks. Having the personal UAV defualt at 2 kills so you still only have a mini map but only have 3 killstreaks and everyone's happy. It's just 2 damn kills just watch the damn screen.

  3. It’s not a vsat. I don’t know if it shows the direst the enemy is moving but it’s sweeping so it’s not constant. Also if u have ghost, you won’t show up. You can’t shoot it down though so it’s kinda of alike but also different from vsat. I think they should just change it to a vsat

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